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New posts on Patreon!

My new Patreon page opened this week! From now on I'll post news and other things on there! On that page I will share behind-the-scenes about my life as a classical pianist and singer-songwriter!

This page will allow me to share little bits and pieces of my daily life as a musician with you! You will get a peek at the work that goes on before I enter a stage!

Non-finished products, like sketches of lyrics, stories behind the lyrics, drafts of songs, demos, and practice videos will be uploaded there, as well as more polished or finished products, like performance video's and scores.

I am so happy to keep you in the loop about my activities as a writer, soloist, collaborator, and orchestra pianist in the classical & pop music scene!

There are two different options to see Patreon-exclusice content: The Eighth Note or The Quarter Note! Both memberships will open all content, it is up to you how much you would like to give to access my work! 


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