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Summerschool NICE

This summer I spent one week at the 'Académie Internationale d'Eté de Nice'. When I met pianist Marie-Josèphe Jude earlier this year, I was a big fan of her playing. So I decided to go to Nice in summer to have lessons from her, as she is a teacher at and the principal of the festival. I've had some great lessons with her and listened to some other teachers' masterclasses too. During the week there were some evening-concerts given by all of the teachers of the festival which we, as students, could all attent. The concerts took place in a beautiful place that is a monastery in the centre of the city.

Together with some wonderful friends I met during the week, I visited the old town of the city and two museums: 'Musée National Marc Chagall' and 'Musée Matisse'. Whenever I had seen paintings of Chagall before, it was always in books and I was never really drawn to his art. But now, when I saw all of his enormous paintings in real life hanging in the right order, it was so inspiring to me. The colors are beautiful and so much is happening. If you are planning to go to Nice once, I'd recommend you to visit this museum!

Anyways, I wasn't there for the art of art, but for the art of music. My last lesson was one peculiar. I am planning on studying the sonata of Dutilleux and Mrs. Jude happens to be an expert on this piece. So what actually happened is that I didn't play the piano at all, but she did. It might sound a little bit weird but it was a very inspiring lesson. I got all kinds of tips and tricks that come directly from the composer himself; as Mrs. Jude had lessons with him. I am already looking forward to start with the piece and perform it in the future. This was one lesson that I can live on for a long time!


To be honest and all, I really had a hard time focusing on the music during the week. I think it was because ever since my final exam had taken place, I never had felt a real feeling of relaxation or rest. So I was very happy at the moment Marijn arrived in Nice and picked me up with a rented little Fiat to go on a holiday!😃


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